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Welcome to Arduino-CNC. The website that will help you to build your arduino controlled CNC.
100% DIY, 100% open-sources.


The idea is to build a CNC router that will drill PCB (printed circuit board) off a bitmap image.

Not only this website present the Arduino-CNC project, but also it will hopefuly help you building your CNC router, if you haven't already built it. The design is still under developpement. It is my 2nd version and it need improvment. You can see on the side, the 3D model designed with Blender. The Blender source files are available too, that might help you to build your own CNC milling machine.

So, the aim of the project is to craft PCB of a simple bitmap image, here is an example:

How does it work?

  • First, the custom-made program that will run on your computer is capable of scanning a bitmap and sending instruction to the arduino via the USB port.

  • Next, the arduino will send instruction to the CNC-shield (a stepper motor driving module mostly). This step will be either manual, using a remote control, or automatic: the arduino sends instructions to the cnc shield according to what it gets from the computer.

  • The CNC-shield will recive instruction from the Arduino and simply drive the CNC router.

  • Finally, the hardware will be animated by the above devices.

  • The project will follow these simple rules:


    • Building a quality CNC milling machine
    • Limited budget (less than 100 euros)
    • Desktop sized
    • Programing the arduino and the processing software (nothing external needed)
    • The aim of the project is to craft PCB.




    I started this project when I was a student and at that time, I had hundreds of electronic projects but the main problem was the PCB manufacturing. I first attempted to go with the chemical way (perchloric acid and caustic soda) but I was concerned about the toxic wastes. Also, I didn't really enjoy breathing the fumes in my bedroom. So I got interessted in the CNC process but I didn't have any computer with an old parrallel port and I didn't want to invest in an expensive software, nor could I afford to buy a ready-made CNC router. I was really keen on the Arduino project so I imagine a solution that would easily drill PCB off Typon of my own design or gathered on the internet.


    If you are willing to make your CNC in order to craft PCB without chemicals, without investing hundreds on a CNC software and if you are Arduino enthusiastic then this page is for you!